• Liwei Jones currently have what products? How to

    Liwei Jones products cover law enforcement recorders, collecting workstations two core product lines. Specific products are as follows:

    Li Weiqi soldiers law enforcement record instrument:DSJ-P10 DSJ-V2 DSJ-A7DSJ-A5S DSJ-A5

    Liwei Jones gathering workstations:Ordinary medium-sized collection station, desktop small collection station, drawer-type medium-sized data collection station, collection query one machine

  • The host can not boot

    Problem Cause 1: The battery is exhausted
    Workaround: 4 hours in full charge

    Problem Cause 2: Host protection
    Solution: use USB communication cable to connect the recorder and the computer several times hot plug the recorder end interface, activate the device, re-boot

    Problem Cause 3: Host protection
    Solution: Click the [Reset] button and turn it on again

  • 3,Copy the data to the computer midway interrupt

    Problem Causes:
    The computer front panel USB interface is powered low
    Recommended data cable to the computer rear panel USB interface

  • 4,The computer does not recognize the law enforcem

    Problem Cause 1: Data line problem
    Workaround: Replace the data cable

    Problem Cause 2: The client program is not installed
    Workaround: Install the client program (which contains the driver installation)

    Problem Cause 3: The driver was not successfully installed
    Workaround: Temporarily turn off the protection system and reinstall the client program

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