• Common Problem


    Fault phenomenon

    Fault shooting

    Fault removal



    Device can’t be powered on

    Empty battery

    Fully charge the device for 4 hours

    Protection for the device

    Press "Reset" button, then power on again.

    Device protection is triggered.

    Connect the recorder with PC via USB data cable, then plug in and pull out the data cable from the port of the recorder to activate the device and reboot the device.

    Short working time of the device

    Insufficient charging time

    Fully charge the device for 4 hours or more

    Interruption when transferring the data to PC

    Insufficient power supply at USB ports  on the front panel of the PC

    Suggest to connect the data cable with the USB port at the rear panel


    The PC can't recognize the recorder

    Problematic data cable

    Change the data cable

    The client program hasn't been installed

    Install client program (including the driver)

    The driver can't be installed

    Temporarily disable defense system and install the client program again

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